New Live Chat Integrations - Mitel & Genesys Cloud

We’re happy to announce we have just released two brand new Live Chat integrations for,

  • Mitel Chat
  • Genesys Cloud Chat

You can find the pages here,

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Microsoft Power BI - Connector

We are happy to announce that we have released a data connector for Microsoft Power BI. The developers can use this connector to build a bridge between the Teneo solution and Microsoft Power BI to build visual dashboards.

The connector comes in three different versions to handle the three different stages of development,

  • Development
  • Production
  • Scale

This includes the following new pages,

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Webinar | Setting up your business for Conversational AI Success | Recording now available

Conversational AI is no longer a complex, unattainable technology that only a few companies know how to implement. The increase of low-code and graphical interfaces in the market has pushed companies to start taking ownership and developing their own Conversational AI solutions in-house, instead of purely relying on technology providers. Therefore, the demand for insights into how to ensure that the right profiles are picked to guarantee team productivity and project scalability growths has surged.
As your company prepares to embark on this journey, how do you ensure that your organization is ready for Conversational AI Success? Join our webinar to find out!

In this session, Hans van Dam, founder of the Conversational Design Institute, and Joaquim Bargalló, Director of Customer Success at Artificial Solutions, will share their experience training and building teams to support the development and deployment of chatbots, and describe where companies should focus their attention to ensure the success of a project.

Other topics covered during this webinar are:

  • Picking the right business case and tool for your company.
  • Putting together your AI-Team: where to start, how to scale and what to look for when hiring?
  • Examples of successful deployments

Recording available at this link -: Setting up your business for Conversational AI Success

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New content on Language Understanding

We have added a couple of brand-new content on Language Understanding | Teneo Developers. The aim is to inspire developers to fully use Teneo’s capabilities when building a solution.

Here is a list of those pages:

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Teneo Platform Release

Teneo has been enhanced with additional features!

Version Flags feature, built on 6.0’s Versioning one, allows Teneo Studio to bring even more flexibility for solution development teams in the form of 2 parallel development streams

You can read more about Version flags here,

We have also updated the content inside Publish your bot | Teneo Developers to cover Version Flags.

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New Teneo Platform Release

Teneo has been enhanced with additional features!

Version Flags feature, built on 6.0’s Versioning one, allows Teneo Studio to bring even more flexibility for solution development teams in the form of 2 parallel development streams

Version Flags enables project teams, whether familiar with version control systems or not, to simply and directly within Studio support advanced use cases such as

  • Parallel long running and short term development
  • Role / Task differentiation with dedicated teams for ongoing maintenance and improvement vs. larger feature implementation
  • Enabling teams to hotfix the published version of the solution even after the development of a feature within the solution has begun
  • Beginning work on iteration / release 2 whilst iteration / release 1 is undergoing acceptance workflow or pending Prod deployment

In addition to above, Teneo Studio now has a public API - covering the areas of versioning, publishing, tryout, test and global listeners

This Public API can be called from external systems / scripts and allows many new use cases, including:

  • In an Environment with complex, containerized or strict publish workflow an external system could pull a publication from Studio on demand, run some checks and feed this into the external workflow
  • Auto test could be automatically run every night and any degraded results be pushed to a ticketing system for resolution
  • An external testing tool or the end user frontend in development could be connected to the solution in active development via the Tryout API

Please find here the full Release Notes

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Teneo Web Chat 3.6.2

We have just released version 3.6.2 of Teneo Web Chat,

This includes the following,

  • Implemented voice selection in store and API. Better warnings and disabling ASR in insecure contexts.
  • Fixed issues with auto ASR and multiple bubbles
  • Added message type for table
  • Added message type for forms
  • Fixed carousel swiping issue
  • Sets ASR/TTS buttons to broken if an error is encountered

You can find the latest release of Teneo Web Chat on github: Releases · artificialsolutions/teneo-web-chat · GitHub and the latest documentation on the Teneo Developers site: Teneo Web Chat | Teneo Developers.

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Webinar | LUIS^Teneo: a Game Changer Tool for Bot Framework Developers | Recording available

Looking for a tool to speed of development for bots built with MS LUIS and the Bot Framework, increase the productivity of your team and easily scale all your solutions? And would you like to do it in 86 languages? Look no more; just register for this webinar.

In this session, we would like to show you an IDE framework that can help you achieve all this. LUIS^Teneo combines two top technologies to help you build, test, and release conversational bots faster. The seamless integration of Teneo and Microsoft’s Cognitive APIs leverages Teneo’s powerful development environment, linguistic rules, and analytic capabilities with the MS LUIS intent recognition engine, allowing for faster bot development. With its modular structure, flexible architecture and unique global/local language features, Teneo is the only conversational AI platform that allows for fast, robust and scalable chatbot development by integrating with (and expanding) Microsoft LUIS services.

Join Conversational AI Engineer and Teneo Advocate, Carmen Del Solar, as she shows how Teneo’s Conversational IDE and Runtime integrates with MS LUIS and Bot Framework Composer, allowing businesses to build bots and maximize their resources through rapid prototyping, fast implementation times, increased functionality and greater scalability.

You can find the recording in the following page: LUIS^Teneo: a Game Changer Tool for Bot Framework Developers

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Webinar | The Power of Bot Localization: Going Beyond Translation | Recording now available

Conversational design for rapid global rollouts, done in multiple languages is an enigma. Most conversational AI initiatives are unconnected and cant roll out new functionality or new markets instantly. We can.
With Teneo it is possible to have an original version in one language, and be able to launch another, typically reusing about 80% of the original build with no need to start from scratch. For example, the specific language structures and models for an English-speaking Company can be easily ported to operations in Poland, Sweden, Russia, or Japan.

In this webinar, we will discuss:
• Is translation the best option when adding another language to my solution?
• How and when should I localize solutions?
• How do I maximize the use of resources as the solution grows?

Recording available upon registration, The Power of Bot Localization: Going Beyond Translation

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Test your bot & Localize Articles & Data footprint

We have just updated our Developers web page with three new topics,

Firstly, a brand new ‘Test your Bot’ section under ‘Build your bot’ that includes the following pages:

  • Run Automated Tests
  • Test your bot with Botium
  • Dialog Tester [NEW]

We intend to further develop this section and add more pages.

You can find the section here: Run Automated Tests | Teneo Developers

Secondly, we have added a couple new pages on Localization(Master/Local branching). This includes two brand new Concept pages,

  • Localization
  • Libraries

and one new ‘How To’ page,

  • Localize your bot

You can find the pages under Language Understanding tagged as ’ New ’ here: Language Understanding | Teneo Developers

Lastly a new page about ‘Data Footprint’ which can be seen here: Data footprint | Teneo Developers

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LUIS^Teneo section & Automation Anywhere and Power Automate Backend Connector

We’ve updated our Developers page with a couple of new things,

Firstly, a new Getting Started with LUIS^Teneo. As the name suggests, it is a LUIS^Teneo version of our original Getting Started pages where users can follow these pages to start their LUIS^Teneo journey.

The section includes,

  • LUIS^Teneo
  • Luis^Teneo in 10 minutes
  • Working with LUIS^Teneo
  • Your First LUIS^Teneo solution
  • Add a new LUIS intent
  • Transitions
  • Update a LUIS Intent
  • LUIS Entities
  • How to use LUIS entities
  • Skip conditions
  • Handle Interruptions
  • Deal with Follow-Ups

LUIS^Teneo can be found here: LUIS^Teneo in 10 minutes | Teneo Developers

We have also added two new Backend Connectors for the following:

  • Automation Anywhere
  • Power Automate

The connectors can be found here: Resources | Teneo Developers

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Webinar | Leveraging Conversational Data to boost your business | Recording now available

For better or worse, the COVID pandemic has pushed users and companies to engage primarily through digital channels. After a year that brought digital transformation to the top of the list for many businesses, users have grown accustomed to self-service solutions and expect companies to provide them services and support 24/7.
How can companies take advantage of this behavioural shift in users? Valuable customer data resides in these day-to-day conversations between users and self-service solutions. Conversational data provides insights into customer behaviour and sentiment in real-time. Not only can it help you recognise emerging trends faster, but it opens opportunities to engage with new and existing customers beyond the typical online surveys and focus groups.
Join us as we discover the value of conversational data with Tim Bartz, EMEA Presales Consultant at Artificial Solutions. He’ll be showing us:

  • The Teneo Platform’s features, including real-time access to conversational data both within the platform itself as well as via your existing BI tools like PowerBI and Tableau;
  • The breadth and depth of data available when customers are allowed to express themselves in natural, everyday language, and;
  • How to find new or unexpected trends with conversational data, especially in a post-COVID world

Recording available at: Leveraging Conversational Data to boost your business

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New Sabre Backend Connector

We have just added Sabre Backend Connectors to our Developers page.
You can find the backend connector here: Sabre | Teneo Developers

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Teneo Web Chat 3.6.0 released

Hi! We’ve now released Teneo Web Chat v3.6.0.
The most important new feature is

ASR and TTS support
We’ve introduced built-in buttons for speech recognition and text-to-speech. We use Microsoft Azure Speech services by default and others can be used through extensions.

To get the latest release:

To read all Teneo Web Chat documentation, see:

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Webinar | How to improve your Teneo chatbot with E2E test automation | Recording now available!

Join Artificial Solutions and Botium in this webinar, where we will showcase the setup of a test automation pipeline for a Teneo based chatbot to continuously check conversation flows and NLP performance, and then take it even further by adding full End-to-End Testing.

Testing is a crucial enabler for the success of chatbots and virtual assistants. Doing it manually requires enormous time and effort. Automated testing will remain critical to ensure that bots actually do what their designers intended. Talking to a chatbot usually has no barriers, it runs without any restrictions.

Combining this with unpredictable user behavior, it becomes utmost difficult to verify the correctness of conversational AI. Training data and test sets are infinitely large. In fact, quantity plays a major role in quality assurance for bots, but makes it impossible to test manually.

The main questions to answer are “Why are bots failing?”, “What and how should you test?” and of course “How to automate*?*”.

Recording available upon registration here: How to improve your Teneo chatbot with E2E test automation

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4 New Backend Connectors & Updated Languages page

We have just added 4 new Backend Connectors to our Developers page, for the following:

  • HubSpot
  • Freshservice
  • QuickBooks
  • Shopify

Additionally, we’ve also updated the information regarding Languages: Languages | Teneo Developers

You can find the backend connectors here:

And every single connector inside the resources pages: Resources | Teneo Developers

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Teneo 6 highlights

This release comes full of powerful changes that will differentiate Teneo further in the areas of team collaboration, solution maintainability, development productivity and enterprise strength.

The changes in this update will help project managers, developers, and other team members, know exactly what changes have been made, by whom, and when they took place, allowing for the restoration to previous versions if needed.

Here are some highlights of what this release brings:

Through the introduction of Match Requirements (that define the technology-specific requirements for when a trigger/transition matches) and Data Actions (that define atomic actions to take after the match has occurred), Teneo can now achieve fully-hybrid input matching and processing by combining these directly in the UI.

This is a step forward towards a more visual and choice-based development approach and is a feature that reduces the cognitive workload by removing concepts that are hard to explain. Even more important, it ensures greater efficiency and productivity of the solution development process.

It also makes it easier to develop, maintain, and enhance hybrid matching, allowing for swapping, enhancing, and changing match requirements and tech choices without affecting the flow design.

Teneo 6.0 brings users closer to a more guided approach, where the system suggests the next steps to follow, without limiting savvy users to follow their own path. Processes such as ‘building a flow’ have been revisited to support better task/responsibility separation and to allow flow sketching directly in Studio, without requiring a technical implementation.

These have been achieved due to the introduction of “TODO” prompts - these remind the user about what remains to get done for the flow to work. This allows the developer to create a flow skeleton as part of a separate scoping exercise without risking changing the functionality of the running solution. If a trigger is still TODO, it will not affect the rest of the solution.

Further changes alongside this work have given classes a dedicated area for management - separate from triggers - as well as the possibility to run cross-validation to determine the performance of classes within a solution.

Version support has been extended now to include every document within the solution - including Scripts, Integrations, Listeners, etc. - and an overall “ Solution Log ” has been included showing every change to every document within a given solution.

A Recycle Bin has been added to allow the retrieval of deleted documents. Combined with performance improvements, this allowed us to remove the 10-version limit on individual documents ensuring that edits can be safely made with the full support of the platform and knowing that there is the option to roll back if something goes wrong.

To aid debugging a solution, Try Out 1 has been given a new slimmed-down view in the main solution with an Advanced view, showing more detail and visual processing path for simpler and deeper debugging.

All code editors (TLML, TQL and Groovy) have been improved with better syntax support and some editing improvements around tabbing. Text fields have been improved with a spell checker that is aware of the language of the solution being edited.

Our Localization feature has been reworked to allow more control over which documents are included in branching from a master solution. This allows a fully working, testable, publishable Master solution and requires much less upfront thought required when using branching. Any solution can be branched, with no restrictions on how the Master solution is built. Dialogue Resources have also been rebuilt with this feature in mind to allow local solutions to be created from TDRs.

Date & Time support is now native to the Input Processing chain in the platform for Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish - with changes to the IPs and supporting objects in the lexical resources.

We have added 48 new languages , bringing the total supported language count of Teneo to 86. This ensures that Teneo remains ahead of the game in real-world language coverage.

With regards to Documentation , we have reworked and restructured it, so it is readily available and centralized on your own Teneo environment and Teneo Developers.

Authentication has been extended to support an external Identity Provider (IdP) via the industry-standard SAML 2 protocol, allowing clients to manage authentication via an external system whilst configuring the permissions authenticated users still within Teneo Manager. This lets Teneo support any kind of required authentication required (multi-factor, biometrics, single sign-on, password expiries.)

Lastly, major changes have been made in the Tech Stack for this release with a shift to Java 11 (to better support containerization - as well as gain from the other improvements over Java 8). Upgrades to the scripting language in solutions will now use Groovy 3 and all packages are now released as Red Hat as well as the previous Debian flavor.

Teneo 6.0 is available for new users that sign-up through Teneo Developers and for existing users upon request for an upgrade.

  • For more details, you can see our full list of detailed changes in the documentation

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Teneo 6 and new website redesign

Hello everyone,
we have just launched some big changes to the website and all new environments get Teneo 6.

There’s a new Teneo in 10 minutes | Teneo Developers guide to quickly introduce you to Teneo and a new Getting Started tutorial to guide you through creating your first solution.

(We won’t update your environments automatically, so if you’re interested, either simply sign up for a new trial or contact us on . The content for Teneo 5 is still available at .)

We will in the coming next few days and weeks add more information on the cool new features of Teneo 6 and more.

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6 new Backend Connectors, Blue Prism, Contentful, Freshdesk,, ServiceNow and Zoho Desk

We have just added 6 new Backend Connectors to our Developers page, for the following:

  • Blue Prism
  • Contentful
  • Freshdesk
  • ServiceNow
  • Zoho Desk

You can read more of it here:

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New Backend Connector for Jira

Hello everybody. We have just added a new Backend Connector, this time for Jira!

You can read more of it here: Jira | Teneo Developers

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New Backend Connector for Zendesk

We’re happy to announce we have just released a new backend connector for Zendesk Support!
This backend connector helps your Teneo bot to allow end-users to create and manage support tickets on Zendesk.
You can read more about it here Zendesk Support | Teneo Developers

Here’s a list of our current connectors, Resources | Teneo Developers

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New section about LUIS^Teneo

Expanding on the MS LUIS framework, Teneo enables businesses to build complex applications, that are multi-lingual, multi-channel and multi-platform, in half the time of traditional development practices.

With seamless integration into any back-end system or service, developers can easily expand capabilities and functionality while ensuring a consistent end-user experience.

You can find the pages here: LUIS^Teneo | Teneo Developers

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New release: Teneo Web Chat 3.4.0

We’ve just released Teneo Web Chat 3.4.0 with some nice new feature. Here are some highlights:

Support for callout messages
Sometimes you may want to get the attention of the visitor without opening the full chat window. Callout messages allow you to do that. They look like this:


You can show and hide callout messages using the JavaScript callout api’s.

Enlarge images
Images added to the chat history can now be enlarged by clicking on them. You can specify separate url’s for thumbnail and the full size images. More details here: Images.

You can find the latest release of Teneo Web Chat on github: and the latest documentation on the Teneo Developers site:

The full list of changes in this release:

  • Added new api to add a callout message to the launch button to catch the web visitor’s attention
  • Added new callback api ‘reset’ to intercept chat window reset events
  • Images can now be enlarged
  • Added css variables for lightbox colors used for enlarged images
  • When icons and window title are reset using the api, reset to init value instead of teneo web chat default value
  • Added config option to allow use of localStorage instead of sessionStorage
  • Added api to get the storage object
  • Added api to get locale
  • Use dedicated css variables for typing indicators
  • Use css variable for modal background color
  • Use Chinese Traditional if locale is set to just ‘cn’
  • Added id’s to teneo web chat container and send icon
  • Fix font size in Safari on macOS Big Sur
  • Fix issue with launch button and chat window dropping behind some layers
  • Fix URL validation issue

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New: Support for Indonesian and Malay

Hi! We are pleased to announce that Teneo Developer teams created as of today can develop solutions in two new languages: Indonesian and Malay!

For more details about languages in Teneo see:

If you already have a team and would like to be able to use the new languages, feel free to signup for a new team.


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New release: Teneo Web Chat 3.3.0

Hi! We’ve just released Teneo Web Chat v3.3.0. These are the most important changes:

Texts that are part of the GUI (like ‘Please type here…’ in the input box and button labels that are only spoken by screen readers) are now available in Danish, German, English, English UK, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and Malaysian. You can specify the language using the locale configuration setting.

In addition to that, if you want to make Teneo Web Chat available in a language that is not in the list above, you can easily provide your own, see Custom localizations for details.

With this release Teneo Web Chat is WCAG 2.0 ready; it works with screen readers, can be used with keyboards only and is accessible on mobile devices meeting the required tap target sizes. Teneo Web Chat’s default color palette can easily be adjusted to meet your organizations’ brand colors, allowing you to ensure adequate color contrast ratios.

To get the latest release:

To read all Teneo Web Chat documentation, see:

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